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YOU have the power to change your life around…. (inspirational)

I know you are use to seeing review posts from me…but today you are getting something different…It is actually very late my time…but I got inspired to write this…


Today I have spent 3 hours with a mom of 5 who has just gone through removing a tumor from her neck…Who is in a really bad financial situation…and her life is a total mess – to say the least… My heart really goes out to her…I know that what she is dealing with is not easy and I hope the outcome of the results will be positive so she can start working on improving her life for the better…


Now…the reason I am writing to you today is to reflect on huge changes I’ve made in my life over the last 4 years…And talking to her actually reminded me of the growth I’ve gone through…and how much my life has changed for the better…


What I share with you below is written in hope that if you are reading this…And if you are struggling, or having a hard situation in your own life…that at least one word or suggestion will help you make the change for the better…


YOU are the change!

Most people in life expect change to happen…Dreaming of better days… BUT in most cases they are not willing to make any changes in their lifestyle to see the change… IF you want better life..YOU have to start getting YOUR life in order… Wishing for it is just a wish… Dreaming about it just a dream… Doing something about will make the change!


How to begin?

One problem at the time… Sit down at your desk…Take out a piece of paper and start writing all the good things in your life and all the bad things… Make it kind of like a to do list… Organize your problems as goals… Meaning… List them in order that you can start fixing one at the time… Set real goals with dates next to it… Prioritize them in order that you can start scratching off one by one as you turn them from problem to resolved issues.


Fill up your brain with GOOD stuff!

Reduce your TV time to a minimum.  Instead, read inspirations and motivational books…  Talk to people who are uplifting. Watch inspirational videos on YouTube.  Get a life coach if you are fighting with fears and cannot seem to get yourself in order.  Be selective of who your friends are.  It is ok, to make new friends and get rid of some old ones who are not good for you any more.  I know I’ve gone through that…


Respect your body!

Most people start eating healthy when they gain way too many pounds… If you want your business and life to function, respect the body YOU are inside of and give it what it needs…Lower the junk food intake to the minimum, and replace it with veggies, fruits and organic meat.


Now, you might wonder why am I listing all of this here…What that has to do with the Mom of 5.  As you don’t know me… Here is the story…


About 8 years ago I got divorced…and a lot of health issues happened due to the stress I’ve gone through… My kids were just 3 and 5 at the time… My business was just getting off the ground and I became primary provided for my family…I was actually getting sick ever 3 weeks…I was on so many antibiotics that my stomach could not handle those any more…Slowly from the demand of it all, I was getting depressed and losing the will to keep on going…


Fast forward to today…I am a successful business women working on expending my business… I am still a single parent and truly proud of it… Three of us have a very good life…I am able to provide for my kids.  We live in a great city… My kids are turning into great people and it is awesome to watch them grow.


I was in a bad place in my life 4 years back… TODAY, I am back to being myself again… Enjoying life and its challenges…but without the steps I took above…I wouldn’t be where I am today…


Some people want to go on…some don’t… But if you want to live a better life… Start making the necessary changes!  Remember…YOU are the change that needs to happen!


Thanks for reading…I hope it will help you…And if you feel someone would benefit from this post…share it…


p.s. For some reason, people expect life to be easy… Life is not easy…In my opinion, it was never meant to be easy… It was meant to serve you with challenges that you need to overcome…Every time you do get through one…YOU grow as a person!  You become wiser… So if I may say so myself… STOP complaining… Get your behind moving and start getting your life in order!  In the end…all the hard work is worth it!



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Valerie Ann Knies - posted on May 1, 2018 1:35 am


Ivana Bosnjak - posted on May 1, 2018 9:41 am

You are welcome Valerie…keep on pushing forward…

Mario Roy - posted on May 1, 2018 4:32 am

Hi Ivana,

Thanks for the inspiration and openness to share your story. All the best ! Mario

Ivana Bosnjak - posted on May 1, 2018 9:43 am

We all have challenges in life that we need to overcome… I have never read of any successful person who did not have some obstacles to overcome… I am no different 🙂 Have a great day Mario


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