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One FUNNY story from my trip to Portugal!


Today I have a really cool story to share with you… Funny as well…On my way to Portugal…I had to run to catch my connecting flight as my previous one had a delay for the take off… I made it the very last minute… So I walk in…Going toward my seat…and two older ladies were in front of me… So I am standing there as they needed a little extra time to pack up their bags….and since I had nothing better to do 🙂 I started to look around…


So there is this guy…he looks totally familiar…


He looks at me… and I am like…D-Papa? He goes Ivana? 😀 we started laughing…This is the guy I am talking about…



I’ve talked to this guy so many times over the years online…but this was the first time we’ve met in person… Such a different world we live in now… 🙂


And I am so glad we’ve met in person too…


Cause, when you meet a person in real life..you get a sense of them and how they are…And this guy is so ethical…He puts his heart and soul into his products…All is based on his experience…


And…guess what…Today is his b-day…


And he decided to release one of his BEST products so far!


Course that teaches you how to reach #1 rankings very quickly and turn those visits into sales!


Take a look right here!

You will learn an easy way of utilizing Youtube and taking advantage by generating a passive income doing it.


Passive income as well as daily commissions through powerful affiliate EVERGREEN marketing strategies


Everything is shown in over the shoulder’s strategies that simply work!


You can create a sustainable business!


This is NOT some made up guide…This is the real inside of what he does..and he actually charges his student 497 to learn this stuff!


Take a look!




Don’t forget…here are some cool bonuses I have for you 😉


#1 – WP Engage plus
#2 – Ultimate FB Intergrazione
#3 – Simple Ads
#4 – Social Commerce
#5 – Social Marketing
#6 – Rank #1 in 30 min.
#7 – Viral Sense Strategy!

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Wisdom from one book – Pay yourself FIRST!

There was a period in my life when I was really depressed and moving forward was not something I was looking forward too… I remember at the time that I’ve put my life on hold.  BUT one thing that really got me back was reading books!


I love to read…even though I was never really great at school and kind of hated reading as a child…


Today… I love to read and try to read 4 books on average per month.


Most of the books are self help, personal development or business books.


Also, when I see someone recommend a book, I normally write the title somewhere and eventually pick up a copy…


I don’t often buy books…and thanks GOD for library 🙂


I do buy books that I love and know I will read many times more in the future. BUT I don’t want to turn my own house in the library…


Now…Why am I saying all of this to you…


Recently I’ve read couple of great books…One was recommended to me by Ben Martin, young guy who is AMAZING Internet Marketer…And the book is called The Richest Man in Babylon


One of the wisdom of this book is to take 10% of all the money you receive and pay yourself with it. Now… That money should be used for future investments… BUT it is amazing how 10% adds up.


Since I’ve read it… I’ve generated some really cool cash… And reinvested it back into my business…


And the feeling is amazing…You see…every morning when I wake up…I check to see my acct. and 10% I send over to my special investment acct.


I am also very dedicated person… And when I commit to something… I do commit.  AND having said this.. Over 3K was reinvested back into my business…


Feeling is great when you pay YOURSELF first… And you can live without that 10% without any problems.


There are MANY other wise things inside of that book…and I strongly recommend you read it…


You won’t regret it…


To your success…Ivana 😉

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How to Double or Triple Your Open Rate


Over the years I’ve tried MANY different e-mail auto responders…BUT I’ve never seen such a great results…Until I took this for the test run. 


All I can say is – This is by far the MOST powerful one-time price email marketing solution I’ve seen.


Watch this video to see exactly what I mean. 



Click Here to Download Your Copy!


Please note, the only other cost associated with this is SMTP server for the mailout, and they show you how to setup your own for just $5.



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Viral LIST Building Method – Hands free!

36 New Leads - 18 generated viraly!


Hey there…Ivana here…and you know…I love to test things out before I recommend something to my customers…


Having said this.. Recently a friend of my Bryan started sending me free leads 🙂 So far 18 free came in, and 36 generated as you can see from the image below.  And you are probably going to wonder…HOW the heck is he able to do that…


Well, there is a really cool way he does it… Let me explain…


You see… we all build up a list right… and after lead gets added… it is sent to the funnel…


With his system… When a lead is added…it is presented with a second optin…


The second optin are leads that are distributed among other members…


In my case…I’ve generated 36 leads but 18 which is HALF was referred to my squeeze page and lead was added to my follow up series!


So all I have to do now, is keep on sending leads to my original form…and I will keep on generating more viral leads.


The best part about his system is…That it is FREE to join!


Click here to do so now!


I’ve tried it…and it works… There is no reason it would not work for you too.


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Proven Way to Get 50% to 75% Optin Conversion Rate

We all know that we need traffic, optin page, and sales funnel in place… Having said this.. How the heck can you get 50-75% conversion rate from the start?  Very simple really and I will share my examples below!


YOUR add (banner or text) need to have very similar text to whatever campaign you are running. Be it paid or free.


If you take a look at this example below:



The banner is created so it  leads to my optin page that looks like this!



You see… visitor is already pre-sold on the banner, it is so easy for them to click through to add in their name and e-mail.

Here is another example:



It again leads to a very similar page, so again…most people are already pre-sold on what my offer is so they can easily add in their e-mail and address.



If you are getting leads from Facebook, you can do the same thing.


This one right here:


Was going to this page below with.  66% conversion rate!



ou see… when visitors are presold on what you are offering to them…They are more likely to convert into a lead than if your banner or text ad misrepresents itself.


Remember, once a visitor is gone, it is very hard to get him/her back.


So setup your pages using proven examples above…Stay tuned for more good stuff 😉

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9 Factors that Made a Positive Difference in My Online Business

As you may know… I’ve been marketing online since 2007.  My initial start was with eBay and I did very well… But affiliate marketing was something that really caught my eye.   So what I am about to share with you is what really changed my own business… and hopefully it can yours too.


Pay Yourself First!

For a very long time I did not get this…Everyone was talking about it…BUT I was not understanding what these people were talking about… Basically, from all the earnings (paychecks, business earnings, even gifts) at least 10% should be put aside to reinvest into your own business… For most people…this is really hard…BUT is should not be… once I started implementing this…my business started growing.  And I still manage to pay all the other living expenses I had.


Small tasks that are really time consuming should be outsourced.  DON’T do everything yourself. YOU are going to go crazy if you do. Find people who you can call up on to do small task, and train them to do those. Have few people at hand.  With one of my businesses, it would not be possible to handle all the orders myself.  That is why I hired 2 full time employees to do it. 🙂

Recurring/passive income

Add some kind of recurring income to your back office.  It is a lot easier to GROW your business, when you have reliable income coming your way every single month. Be it that you are offering software as a service, or your own services, as long as it is passive, ans as long as you can count on it.



When I started online…I was a member of 2 forums for Internet marketing.  One was paid and one was free. After I learned the initial ways to drive traffic, and how to setup my lead pages…I kind of did my own thing… BUT that was a mistake…If I networked more, my business would have grown quickly to 20-30K/month… Knowing people in your industry can really go a long way. Not only can you learn from them, but you can grow your business a lot faster!

Never rely on just 1 traffic source!

Most people are NOT aware, but relying on one traffic source is a mistake… EVEN if it works really well. WHY?   Imagine if that traffic source dried up for some reason…Your entire business would CRASH!  I am sure you don’t want that…  The biggest commissions and sales come to me, when I send people to my money pages from MULTIPLE sources.

The right kind of list building

No matter what you are doing – in any business. You need LEADS! I know there are people who are going to stress the importance of LIST… but NOT ANY kind…Your focus needs to be on buyers list.  If you can build buyers list, you can really print out your paychecks each month!  So if you are buying solo ads – make sure BUYERS are on that list! If you are driving traffic to YouTube videos, makes sure you are doing so by targeting buyer keywords!  Get yourself in front of the buying audience.


One of the hardest things in this business is to focus!  This problem has been the worst for me too… So know that you are not alone in it…After all, there are so many shiny objects to buy :D.  I personally buy a lot of stuff online as well.  BUT when I do buy, I think of it this way… I am focusing on THIS right now… Do I really need to buy that?  And if it fits with what I am doing… I move forward.  If it does not. I don’t buy.

Goal setting!

I’ve gotten a lot better at goal settings.  What really helps me is this process.  I write out at the beginning of the week everything that needs to get done.  Than I break it down into prioritized list by day and that keeps me on track.  And of course… turning off social media destruction.  I personally use Facebook for business, but I am known to shut it down after I check my messages, otherwise I am not productive.

Taking action!

At the very beginning I was getting into information overload. It was really BAD. I was frustrated and exhausted most of the time and money was not coming in.  Things changed when I picked a niche I wanted to work in… and only learned about that method and how to drive traffic to my lead pages and that niche specified blog.  When you focused on ONE method, ONE sales funnel, things start to really change.  From a struggling $500/month income I easily went to 2.5 recurring in just 3 months.

So take what you can from these 9 factors that really made a huge difference in my own business, and implement it.

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Cool New Way To Generate MORE leads from your website!

I love to test out new software’s and use them on adding them to my arsenal of tools that help generate more leads in my business.  So I’ve tested OptinChat recently and received amazing results!


It took me less than 5 minutes and I’ve generated 40+ leads from it.


Keep in mind, those leads would have left my site otherwise…


Why did it work so well?  Cause OptinChat is very interactive piece of software that make it look like YOU are live there chatting with your visitors… And that LIVE factor, gets people excited and eager to give you their e-mail address!


Watch this video below to see my exact results and how it all works!


As this is a software I’ve personally tested, and saw results…I can strongly recommend it to you.. So if you would like to start converting MORE of your visitors into leads and sales…Click this button below to download your copy!



As you’ve noticed.  I personally use this software, and have GREAT results with it. YOU can too! All you have to do is spend few minutes to upgrade. 



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