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Traffic Zion Review – REAL traffic for your site!

Whooohooo…I had a pleasure to test out TrafficZion software and I am impressed. In my opinion…this beats any Traffic and List Building method out there…


You see…after my 1 day test, I’ve seen the immediate results.


1st, people started following my blog.


Second, they started contacting me through my social media connections…


Not to mention that I’ve started seeing new subscribers on my list… 🙂


And here is how it works…


Software goes out and likes, other people blogs…in return, those people follow YOUR blog.


And what is actually the best…


For all the followers you have, as soon as you post something new on your site…those people get that post inside of their inbox.


THAT is super powerful.


And the best part…all you really need to do is remember to switch on that software when you turn on your computer.


Watch the video to see my full review!

Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


Also, real users are getting results – take a look at this:


As I’ve said before..


This software really works. And it work for ANY site, not just WP Blogs.


More you use it, more results you will get.. And all it really requires is for you to switch it on daily and enjoy MORE and MORE visitors EVERY single time!


Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


You know how I am… I don’t recommend PUSH button stuff. So I don’t want you to think Traffic Zion is like that, BUT it is as close to it as possible.


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WP Blazer Review -All in One WP Management Software

O.K. Let me ask you…HOW many WP sites do you have?  Many right?  Event though, we need just 1 or 2 to have a successful business, many of us will end up building multiple sites. YES, I am guilty of it too…


To make the matter worse, it is a real pain in the …YOU KNOW WHAT… to manage it all 🙂 don’t you agree?


Of course you do…


So what is the solution?


WP Blazer…


Check out my review


Please make sure you use this coupon code to get $3 off – EVIP3



Click Here to Download it Now!


It takes only 4 steps to make it happen:

Step 1: Login to our cloud platform.
Step 2: Add your WP sites and logins.
Step 3: Manage them with easy to use dashboard.
Updates, add plugins, themes or edit whatever your heart desires.
Step 4: Setup auto scheduled backups so you never have to stress about your sites being hacked or getting taken down

Click Here to Download it Now!


Make sure you search for Ivana’s Special Bonus to Get bonuses mentioned above.

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How to Build a Recurring Membership Site – New Business Direction

It is not just that new year just started…Back in 2017, I was actually very unhappy with the direction my business went into…instead…I wanted to build something better and bigger.


Something that will really change lives of people and that is why, I’ve been considering going into recurring business model, offering 1 on 1 coaching and building additional income stream from eCommerce.


I actually enjoy building businesses… And out of all business model’s I’ve been in, the recurring monthly is the best one.


So having said this, Kam is showing you a very simple model he is using to build multiple 1K/ mo income streams mainly using free traffic.




Over 3 hours of training is delivered… Including technical aspect of it.


Click here to download right now. 


Inside of the membership, you will also see my bonuses.


See you on the inside!

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Happy New Year – Personal


Gush…I cannot believe we are going into 2018… Amazing how fast a year goes by…


Beginning of the year, as many of you, I’ve had goals…and I’ve reached some…and some I did not.


Any regrets?  NO… I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason…The good and the bad…


So having said this… I am very grateful for many things that did happen… (good and the bad ;-))


I’ve learned a lot!

I’ve implemented a lot!

I’ve failed few times!

I’ve grown as a person!

I’ve met some amazing people this year…


And when I listened to their stories… What I’ve learned is this: we all go through hard times and those who don’t give up, always succeed.


Remember this the next time things don’t go the way you want them to go!


Having said this…here are few things I wanted to share with you as we head over into the New Year!


#1 – Every “GURU” was a beginner at some point. They all struggled, but they are successful today because they kept on taking action and never gave up.


#2 – Follow the people who are seeing the success in the industry YOU are going in.


#3 – Stop buying every shiny object, and rather reinvest that money into driving more traffic.


#4 – Read books that are written by successful people, those will give you ideas, tips and inspiration to move forward.


#5 – REST as much as you can… When it all gets to be too much for you, take a break. YOU deserve it. Fresher mind works so much better.


#6 – Connect with other successful people in your industry. You will learn so much from each other, and often times get friends for life.


#7 – Don’t just go after money.  It is so much more fun, when you do the work you enjoy.


#8 – Spend time with you loved ones. It is the small things that truly make you happy.


#9 – Stop procrastination, and start your day with a to do list!


#10 – No matter what you do and who you follow..In your own business, add a touch of your own personality.


#11 – Don’t let the fear hold you back!


#12 – When you don’t know where you are going, take a moment and write out a simple text you would like someone to read when you leave this world. That will get you back on the right course.


#13 – Remember, success is not based on the money you make, but the life you build!


Having said all of this…


In 2018 (and every year after), I wish you a lot of health… as that is the true wealth. I wish you a lot of fun… May you achieve all your goals…may all your wishes come true!


From the bottom of my heart…


Happy New Year!





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Raiken Review – Totally New and Fresh Way to Do eBay Arbitrage

Well, it is just a little after Christmas and I am back from my trip… and a bit tired from driving, yet happy to have spent amazing 4 days with my family…


And as I am mentally refreshed… I am happy to present to you a product called Raiken… I just reviewed it and it is totally new method and refreshing for sure.


Watch This video to see all the details.



Click here to get your copy



Once you get your copy, you bonuses will be in warrior plus members area.


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Merry Christmas

I have to say… I have my own beliefs and I do find Christmas to be a family holiday… It is the joy of the tradition we have that brings joy to my heart… As I write this, I am heading over to see my family and spend 4 days with them… That is the best part of Christmas for me.

Having said this… During this Holiday season… I wish you peace, joy, and all the happiness!

May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family and friends, bring you joy that lasts
throughout the year.

Merry Christmas

All the best to you and your family!


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Bitcoin and all the craziness… My two cents :)


GUSH…have you been watching news, or your FB newsfeed…everywhere you turn…there is a mention of Bicoin…people are excited…some don’t believe into it and so forth…Yesterday it was selling at 12K, today it is below 10K….


My thought is this… And I am no expert…but reality is… we are already using digital money in a way to buy online… Everything is done with CC, we use online banking to pay for stuff… and even paypal’s e-mail to send over m.o.n.e.y to order stuff…


So my thought is…eventually, the whole world will be using digital currency…It kind of makes sense to me to be that way…again…I am not an expert..just my two cents… 🙂


SO… many feel bad cause they missed out on it… I mean…I wish someone told me about it when it was all starting out… 🙂 BUT the thing is…


It is really not too late..don’t feel bad about it…


Recently I shared with you where you can find 17 ways to cash in with Bitcoin…and ANYONE can get into it…


I purchased my own too… Wanted to know how you actually get this currency…


But…one thing that is very important to mention is…When I was doing research…people started to talk me into so many things… and I was getting pulled into some shady stuff..


Be aware of scammers…Don’t fall for schemes. MLM, Pyramid and other things…


Again…just my 2 cents 😉


All the best,



p.s. this is not an advice…just my thoughts on it 😉

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$381 In Sales with a Simple FB Post!

Ivana here and I wanted to share with you a very simple way I am able to drive traffic to my offers using NOTHING but a free traffic.


The best part…


It works with affiliate offers, CPA offers, your own products – even coaching offers!

Watch this video right now to see how!


Two products mentions are Viral FB Commissions and Emergency Cash Booster!

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12K From Instagram Posts – 7 Figure Masterclass!

hey there…Ivana here and recently I’ve been to a super powerful marketing Event in Portugal. I’ve learned ton of cool thing there including how you can capitalize on Instagram following like a pro! Actually – soon. Everyone will be able to do just that!


Please watch this video to see how!

Click here to get your copy and a power bonus on how I Generated 10K in just 5 days – Using strategies from this event!



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Viral List Building – New Technology!

Hey there…Ivana here and as I write this…I am about to head out for a walk… awesome sunny day today… But…before I do that…I just testing a BRAND NEW technology that builds you super powerful list and sales. All with viral traffic!


And since I know the creator of the software…It cost around 50K to develop this software…


This is out of the box – power tool!


Take a look at it right here!


And the way it works is like this:


1. You use built in viral research tool to find viral content

2. Add your call to action to it.

3. Share on Social Media platforms!


Watch as traffic comes in.


See the full demo and review right at the video below!



Click Here to Download it now!



P.s. I know I have not been creating many reviews lately, and it was so much pleasure to do this one!

In addition to it, here are the bonuses I’ve packed for you!

Bonus #1 – How to Drive 50k/Month Free Visitors Using Viral Content

Bonus #2 – 3 Traffic Methods I use to Pull in 1000’s per week

Bonus #3 – Pop Over Pro – Delivers Easy, Customizable, Smart and Responsive Popovers!

Bonus #4 – My Blueprint 42K in 30 Days

Bonus #5 – Closed Door Mastermind group – Real IM Strategies that Work!

Bonus #6 – Fastest Growth Through FB Retargeting!

Bonus #7 – Boost Profits by 10x

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