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CPA Profit Lab Review – $6 into $59 Case Study Included

As you know…it is time to clean out the market and bring in GOOD and quality course to the market.  And CPA Profit Lab is just that.  Super course that shows you very simple method to turn cheap Facebook traffic into CPA commissions.

Each video is very easy to process, and it will take you less than 2 hours to go through the entire course.

Take a Look Inside!


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HUGE Fight Between Vendor and Customer (it got into BLOCKING War)

I’ve decided to make this post for couple of reasons… One is…I feel, most fights occur because people don’t understand both sides.  In addition, there are few ways to prevent this. And as you are about to read this whole story, I hope you will get an understanding of both ends.


Recently, I’ve had a customer of my message me saying how one particular vendor was really rude towards him.  (Vendor I know personally, so I was actually shocked that it went down like that.) Vendor is very nice, I spent 4 days with him, and he genuinely loves helping people. So imagine my surprise when I heard about this whole issue. However, at the time I was busy with my own work, so I said, I would look into it a bit later, and discuss it with that vendor.


So here is what happened. Vendor has a support group designed to help with the software.  Customer was asking gazillion of questions inside of the group and this made vendor upset.  They started arguing, cussing at each other and it ended up getting to them completely blocking each other on Facebook and vendor issued a refund to the customer.


Customer felt like he was badly treated. I am sure, vendor feels the same way… What is worst here… Customer actually loved the product and wanted to use it in his business.


Here is my personal opinion on the whole situation.  And here is where I hope understanding will happen and this post might help someone and solve frustration on both ends.


Vendors normally sell 1000+ products in a week. That is 1000+ customers they try to help.  Often times, even when they are working with a team…There is very little sleep happening during that product launch week.  Vendors get very tired.  They don’t mind helping customers and this particular vendor was really on top of it providing support. Now imagine if that vendor had 1000 customers asking 6-7 questions per day… They would go crazy.


NOW, not to sound as I am on the Vendors side…just trying to show both ends. If there is a support group, and you do have questions.  Write them all in 1 post and ask it in one setting. Because maintaining 6-10 threads it gets crazy and no reason for that. Also, sometimes you really can get the answer on YouTube or Google.  (Of course, I don’t mean those related to that particular product, but for overall questions)


One thing that I personally did not like about that whole WAR between customer and venodor was that their private conversations where shared publicly in the group.  I feel that is totally unprofessional. And before you say, you did not have it happen to you…I wanted to share this…


As I just recently launched Commission Drill.  I was on the vendors side. As an unadvertised bonus, we also added VIP group for our customers.  People often have questions, and we want them to succeed.


I don’t advertise vip group on the sales page… WHY? Simple if the above situation was to happen to me, I have a right to remove that person from the group…


So going back to the situation I’ve experienced.


I had a person message me for the past 6 months, on an off, asking how she can get into Internet Marketing.  And there are really so many ways… She was more interested in Affiliate Marketing so Commission drill was a perfect way to get going.  This person actually purchased all the funnel products total $133.  However, we were just on the first product, she paid for 12.81. She previously wanted me to coach her 1 on 1, but she could not afford it – which I totally understand.


So it is Sunday… she is added to the group.. And she asked few questions.  30 min.  later as neither me or my partner responded to her question, she sent me PM.  She said, no body responded to my message.  I explained that we are not available at the moment, but we will respond shortly.


So I took the moment to see what she asked and responded to all the questions. And left to spend time with few of my friends and my kiddos.


Less than 4 hours after, I got back to find a mile long message. How unprofessional we are, we are not there to help her and that my partner blocked her…  I was actually surprised as I saw he had a note to her in the group, that he would help her privately as it seemed like she had many challenges.


I had a talk with my partner, he said, Ivana, she was creating such a bad environment… I had to.  So ok…I tried to talk to her… She sent another mile long message and at the end, she said, I don’t think this JOB is for me.  And few times already, I’ve tried to explain, that this is NOT a job, it is a business.


The problem was, she wanted to get started and learn it all in 2 hours and generate 1000’s of dollars per month WITHOUT website and she wanted our coaching on top of it – to be there to guide her at moments notice…For a product she paid for $12.86.  As the one we were discussing was at that price.


So how did I handle it?  I asked her politely to send her e-mail address. I did say that I feel this is not for her.  I refunded all, purchases and asked her nicely not to message me again.


You see, if you are totally new, it will take you a bit longer to wrap your mind around a strategy you are learning.  IF you don’t have a website, to get accepted into CPA network, you do need one, so you will have to create it. If you don’t know how, learn or outsource.  BUT don’t expect to learn to run a full business over night.


If you have purchased any of my products…you do know that I really do care about my customers… BUT anyone adding negativity is not a customer I want to work with.  Keep in mind, product sold is the training you have purchased. …Group support is extra help if you need it.


Our group that we have is really a positive group and our members are seeing results already.




Now I know this was a little bit of a long post.   I don’t feel we as vendors should publicly lash at our customers or share our conversations publicly.  Private is private.  But for me personally, if a customer is rude, hostile, negative, it is not a customer I want to work with.


Like I said in my group yesterday… I would rather help 100 people succeed than have 1 ruin it for all!


On that note… have a great day 😉


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The Super Affiliate Class Review – $1,429 In 36 Hours Case Study Included

Sometimes it does not take anything NEW to actually make it online.  The Super affiliate class shows you exactly how to do what works and make great commissions. They include $1429 in 36 hour case study.

Actually, they even give you full set of e-mail sequence they’ve used to make it happen. 🙂 powerful right?

Take a look at my full review!


Click here to Access Now!




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Commission Drill Review – $977.48 In Just 6 Days

What a ride it has been…At the time I am writing this…Commission Drill has become product of the day on Warrior Plus.  We just crossed 480 sales…and that is not a small achievement as it’s been just around 30 hours since it’s release.


You see…I’ve launched many products over the years… Some were created by me…some others created…BUT this is one of my favorite!  Probably because it does not cost you anything to get started YET it is super simple to setup.


Using strategies inside…you will learn how to set up mini funnels that convert into SALES!


It takes you around 10 min. to setup your ad.


NO complicated stuff!


AND…no need to pay out of pocket to test it out.


If you need LIVE proof that it works…Go over to this page!


Take a look inside to see how it all works!



Click Here to Get Started!


Bonus promised will be kind of DFY that can get you recurring income.  Available week of by 26th of January 2018. Instructions on the download page.



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Blooom Review – Build an Authority Site with Ease – Power tool!

Today we are reviewing a really cool tool called BLOOOM.  I know an interesting name and very creative. So… Here is what is so special about it :).


We all know that content is KING, but coming up with new content is NOT easy… Actually… It is very time consuming….


So what can you do?  You can either outsource the content – which cost a LOT, or you can use BLOOOM to make things easier.


Now…what the software does, it pulls content of YouTube and JUST before you say…WAIT, that has been done before…NO, this has not…It pulls content from Youtube Videos – actual video text  – not the description.


And that is EXACTLY what makes it SUPER hot!


There are 3 Steps to it:


Step 1

The BLOOOM Extracts unique content from within any YouTube video (containing speech). So if a video has text in it…it will extract it. And it’s nearly always unique as Google don’t index it… This means you can produce almost instant unique posts in minutes…Extraction includes thumbnail and all ranking tags. From initial extraction to publish takes 60 seconds to 20 minutes depending on how much editing you choose to do.


Step 2

Insert Ad Script to increase revenue… Script doubles ad space for increased revenue (Script Included). Then insert Ad code in specific locations. Profit passively as you build your authority…


Step 3

$5 Traffic (optional) Supercharge each post with huge amounts of dirt cheap traffic to maximise revenue.
This method will generate traffic and income almost instantly. Apply the traffic method and you should start to see daily profit within 24 hours or less.


Here is the full review!


Click Here to Watch FULL Demo and Get My Bonuses!


It’s very fast and it works a treat. The content it extracts is nearly always unique. Yes you will have to chop it into paragraphs and do a little editing but seriously – this is SUPER good.



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Traffic XTractor 2.0 Review – Page 1 of Google & YouTube in Minutes!

Today we are bringing you a really cool software that can help you rank INSTANTLY!


SUPER powerful tool.


Traffic Xtractor 2.0 software to find keywords that they can rank for on Page 1 of both Google and YouTube easily without any backlinks and start generating traffic instantly.


It comes with a full Real Life Case Study! VERY simple to use!


Take a look at my review!



Click Here to Watch FULL Demo and Download My Bonuses!


Please keep in mind, my bonuses will be available in JVzoo members area with a name next to it.  Special Bonus From Ivana.

Thanks have a great day!

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Google Cash Cow Review – Sell This and Generate $197/month (or more) per client

Thanks for stopping by today… Listen, I just had an opportunity to review Google Cash Cow and I have to say… WOW!  What a clever way to sell this monthly and generate $197/ month OR more per client.


Let me explain how it works.


Most businesses online have a very poor rating.  2 star or 3 star rating. So when a potential customer searches for their service…and sees such a poor rating… They lose that customer!


So what Google Cash Cow teaches you how to sell 5-10 5 star rating reviews and charge those clients $197-500/ month for.


The entire service can be outsourced and they provide you with the outsource contact details.



Watch this video to see my full review!



Click Here to Get Your Copy and My Bonuses!


Just in the case you missed it out in the video.


I am giving you 2 powerful bonuses to go with it.


Bonus #1 – 11 ways to get offline clients without cold calling!


Bonus #2 – 8 videos on how to close HIGH ticket clients


Click Here to Get Your Copy and My Bonuses!


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Discount Pop Review – Boosts Your Ecommerce Affiliate Sites and Skyrocket Your Profit

New tool just came out…Called Discount Pop and here is my review on it.  Who is this for? If you are running an eCommerce store… Such as affiliate site… This is a really great plugin that can easily engage your visitors and make them purchase a lot more 🙂


So what is Discount Pop all about?


It is a new WP plugin that allows you to create engaging popup banners that you can embed on your ecommerce affiliate websites.


Each popup banner enables your website visitors to search for products from multiple affiliate sites and display the results with the best discount offer right on the banner itself. THAT is the power of it.


There are 4 Major affiliate websites that it can tap into… These are:  Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.com and Walmart.


So once they perform the search…They are presented with the most discounted deal they can find among those 4 websites. And you know how people are…If they see a good deal…they will snap it.

Please note, front end works with Amazon only. Oto 1 will get you integrations with AliExpress, Shop.com and Walmart.


Super Powerful – Watch This Video For a Full Demo!



Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!


I hope you see the power of this plugin.

and to make the deal even sweeter.

I’ve prepared 5 special bonuses for you:


Bonuses for Discount Pop



This WordPress plugin enables you to put banner ads over your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted, and more) by using shortcode. This is compatible with all themes.


Viddo POP

Impress and Engage your Followers MORE than ever by using interactive videos and Call to Action to Grab Leds and Increase Sales!


Tube Blog WP Plugin.

TubeBlog is a wordpress plugin which will curate Youtube playlists according to keyword search and publish all videos as a post. Easily build your own video website by using other people’s contents legally and for free. TubeBlog allows you to choose any type of video from trending to most viewed items from YouTube.


Instagram Traffic


Powerful method to drive traffic from Instagram for eCommerce.

LinkedIn Traffic Strategies


Powerful training that show you how to use LinkedIn to that Drive REAL traffic an leads to your site.


Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!



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Popcorn Effect – Today I’ve made $97.50 WITHOUT doing Anything!


You see, one of my goals for this year is turn 150 Internet Marketers into a success story.  So…over the past 2 day’s I’ve been working on the actual blueprint that is going to make that happen. And when I am in the creation mode…I really don’t have the creativity to write to my subscribers, to review products, or mail for any offers.


BUT that does not mean money stops for me.


NOPE… Today I’ve actually made $97.50 and the day is not over yet!




So you are probably wondering…How is that possible?


It is about setting up the right following sequence inside of your e-mail autoresponder.


1st step – Focus your list building on buyer traffic!

2nd step – Connect with your subscribers by combination of tutorials + being REAL with them.

3rd step – Remind your subscribers in the proper follow up sequence of the product you recommended.


Seriously…That is it!


The reason I was able to make that money today is because I have the automation in place…


BUT here is what is going to happen now…You may read this… and you are going to say…Great Ivana…you are right…it is simple… I am going to do it…


The next day… you will see some shiny object inside your inbox.


You are going to purchase that… Most likely, you will never take action… and move onto the next product… and one day… you will just give up… You will say…Internet Marketing does not work…


So the 150 I am looking for will STOP buying every shiny object that comes out…


And instead…


They will implement strategies I use in my own business… Strategies that I will reveal to you soon…


Stay tuned 😉



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[Tutorial] How to Drive Traffic To Your Optin Pages For FREE or VERY Cheap!

Today we are going to cover a new traffic source that I’ve tested personally and like it.  The best part, it is targeted traffic can be used as FREE or Paid – But very cheap… I paid for advertising $25 dollars for a whole month, and on the first day I had 8 new subscribers.


That being said… What is the traffic source?  –  it is a Web Master Sun Forum!


It is setup similarly to Warrior Forum, but from what I have seen, not as saturated and VERY FRIENDLY!


How to drive FREE traffic from it!


Once you join this webmaster forum, you will see that they have many different sections for you to get involved in.


First, you can post daily to member questions… Be as detailed as you can, and after 20 posts, you can add in your signature.


There are 16 categories to choose from.


Just to name a few:


Social Media

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Web Development etc…


Here is the image for the illustration purposes!




If you spend just 20-30 min per day responding to some posted questions, you will shortly have people subscribing to your list.


Paid Method


Section #1 – Special Offers Section

There is a special offers Section.  It costs you $8 per post – maximum 10 threads allowed in this part of the forum.



Some of these threads are getting 300 to 5000 views – definitely CHEAP advertising!


Banner Advertising!


Second option that they have is to place banner ads.  Multiple options there and by clicking advertise with us (at the top) you can see all the prices.


Since it starts at $25/30 days – it really is cheap… As soon as I posted mine, the very first day, I generated 8 new subscribers… and 2 new leads for one service that I offer (through Private Message).  Now that is NOT bad at all!


And to sum things up…


Maybe this forum is not yet as big as Warrior Forum.  There is no doubt about that… HOWEVER!  Forum marketing is still a powerful way to drive targeted traffic to your site.


And even if you don’t have time to respond to threads… their advertising is very CHEAP!


If you like this post, feel free to share it with others who can benefit from it!


All the best

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