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How To Set Up Profitable Affiliate Campaigns (in just 7 steps)

I can pull in some really nice commissions from my affiliate campaigns, and I follow these steps to do it. I don’t always send traffic to review videos (as I don’t always have the time to create those) but I will touch base on that aspect as well.  So let me show you how to setup profitable affiliate campaigns.

Achieving 100+/ day is possible.

profitable affiliate campaigns
profitable affiliate campaigns

Let me show you how.

Step #1 – Head over to the JV page or an affiliate page of the product.  Often times those are  The site where you can find many popular upcoming products is

If you don’t understand what the product does you should try to get in touch with the vendor to find out if you can get a review copy.

Step #2 – now is the time to prepare your links for profitable affiliate campaigns. You need to track where your sales are coming from. So normally I set up 3 links.  I do use in-house cloaking tool, but you can use a software such as clickmagik.

For each link, you track, use something you will remember.  For example, if you are doing youtube videos, you can track your url by adding an extension at the end such as yt or video.  For warrior plus links, you just add in yt at the end, for jvzoo links you add in /?tid=yt

I normally have one for mail, one for youtube and one for review page.

For example.  If I was to promote my product sense Drill.  To get the links I would have it like this:

But in order to track it I need to do the following:


Each of these links would be placed where it belongs. So for mail tracking, I use it only for mail, for review tracking, I use it only for review, and for YT, only for my youtube video.


For JV zoo links:


You are probably wondering, why is this so important when setting up your profitable affiliate campaigns.  Because… How will you know what is bringing in sales?  Cause…When you do know what brings in sales, you can drive MORE traffic to it.


Step #3 – Get your bonuses ready. In order for you to send out from the crowd, you need to overdeliver. So giving away bonuses is a great way to do so. You can find bonuses at a site called Resell Rights Weekly! And sometimes vendors have bonuses ready for you.

Step#4 – Create your review video. This video should have these elements: the introduction of the product, what the product does, inside look of the product, a brief description of what the upsells are, what bonuses they get if they buy through your link and call to action at the end.

Step #5 – Create your preselling page. For professional looking page you can head over to Fiverr and search for Insta Builder 2.0 license.  You can have someone install it on your site for just 5 dollars. This page should have, Logo of the site, headline, video, call to action button, bonuses listed, and another call to action button.

A sample of the page you can find here!

Step #6 – Stream your video on using a software such as Live Event Blaster 2.0 (details instructions on how to rank #1 for your video on this page)

Step #7 – Connect your video with your preselling page. Send traffic to your pages through FB Groups.  E-mail your list at least 4 times in regards to the product. Buy solo ads. Set up FB ads.

Once your money page is ready…you need to send lot’s of traffic to your links in order to have profitable affiliate campaigns. Most people think, one e-mail will get the results they want… It takes some effort to achieve those results. And no matter what you do, keep on building your list.

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