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How To Set Up Profitable Affiliate Campaigns (in just 7 steps)

I can pull in some really nice commissions from my affiliate campaigns, and I follow these steps to do it. I don’t always send traffic to review videos (as I don’t always have the time to create those) but I will touch base on that aspect as well.  So let me show you how to setup profitable affiliate campaigns.

Achieving 100+/ day is possible.

profitable affiliate campaigns
profitable affiliate campaigns

Let me show you how.

Step #1 – Head over to the JV page or an affiliate page of the product.  Often times those are  The site where you can find many popular upcoming products is

If you don’t understand what the product does you should try to get in touch with the vendor to find out if you can get a review copy.

Step #2 – now is the time to prepare your links for profitable affiliate campaigns. You need to track where your sales are coming from. So normally I set up 3 links.  I do use in-house cloaking tool, but you can use a software such as clickmagik.

For each link, you track, use something you will remember.  For example, if you are doing youtube videos, you can track your url by adding an extension at the end such as yt or video.  For warrior plus links, you just add in yt at the end, for jvzoo links you add in /?tid=yt

I normally have one for mail, one for youtube and one for review page.

For example.  If I was to promote my product sense Drill.  To get the links I would have it like this:

But in order to track it I need to do the following:


Each of these links would be placed where it belongs. So for mail tracking, I use it only for mail, for review tracking, I use it only for review, and for YT, only for my youtube video.


For JV zoo links:


You are probably wondering, why is this so important when setting up your profitable affiliate campaigns.  Because… How will you know what is bringing in sales?  Cause…When you do know what brings in sales, you can drive MORE traffic to it.


Step #3 – Get your bonuses ready. In order for you to send out from the crowd, you need to overdeliver. So giving away bonuses is a great way to do so. You can find bonuses at a site called Resell Rights Weekly! And sometimes vendors have bonuses ready for you.

Step#4 – Create your review video. This video should have these elements: the introduction of the product, what the product does, inside look of the product, a brief description of what the upsells are, what bonuses they get if they buy through your link and call to action at the end.

Step #5 – Create your preselling page. For professional looking page you can head over to Fiverr and search for Insta Builder 2.0 license.  You can have someone install it on your site for just 5 dollars. This page should have, Logo of the site, headline, video, call to action button, bonuses listed, and another call to action button.

A sample of the page you can find here!

Step #6 – Stream your video on using a software such as Live Event Blaster 2.0 (details instructions on how to rank #1 for your video on this page)

Step #7 – Connect your video with your preselling page. Send traffic to your pages through FB Groups.  E-mail your list at least 4 times in regards to the product. Buy solo ads. Set up FB ads.

Once your money page is ready…you need to send lot’s of traffic to your links in order to have profitable affiliate campaigns. Most people think, one e-mail will get the results they want… It takes some effort to achieve those results. And no matter what you do, keep on building your list.

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6 Steps to Rank #1 On Google in just 7 min. (Step By Step Tutorial)


When I started my blog, I didn’t want it to be just a REVIEW blog, even though I do review products here…I also wanted to create some tutorials on strategies I personally use in my own business.  And here is one…


How ANYONE can rank #1 on google in just 10 min or less.


This will be a step by step tutorial. INCLUDING how to keep those rankings. Further more, I will show you how to create videos that will bring in the cash to.  So let’s begin.

First a bit of intro…Most people are focusing on traffic, but you should be focusing on buyer traffic.


What is a buyer traffic? People who are interested to buy what you are recommending.


When a person searches for free xyz product, they are not ready to buy and they probably never will, BUT when they search for review of xyz product, or xyz product coupon code, than YOU have a buyer on your hands.


I hope that makes sense…as it is essential for you to actually start raking in commissions following the steps you need to take.

As you can see, I am able to rank #1 for 2 videos 🙂


Let’s begin!


Step #1 – You need a product to recommend!


1st step, you need a product to recommend, and I strongly suggest you find one that has HIGH conversion rates as well as high EPC’s.

You can easily find that by requesting your links from the vendors on JVzoo and warrior plus.


How do you do that?


One site that has a lot of upcoming launches for 2 platforms is:


Head over to If you don’t have an account – set one up at this link! Navigate to the Top Sellers List.  And look at the top selling products.  Apply for the links.  If you are brand new to the industry,  explaining that you will be driving traffic by YouTube review videos.  You are new to the industry, and you understand you will be put on the delayed commission.


You can rinse and repeat this same process with Warrior Plus!


Step #2 – Reviewing the product!


Ok, what is important to do now is create a product review and offer some bonuses as well.  Remember we need to rank #1 on google for buyer keywords.    Bonuses you can find on site such as resell rights weekly! 


Review of the product should have these things included:

  1. What is the product all about
  2. Sample of the sales page
  3. If there are any upsells
  4. Bonuses you are giving away if they purchase though your link
  5. Call to action

All those details you can find by finding JV page of each product.


As you can see, right at the bottom, there is a link for JV page, where you get all the details of the product, funnel and to get in touch with the creator of the course.


You can create your videos with Camtasia or ScreenCast o Matic (second option is free or very inexpensive)



Step #3 – Find out if there are any coupon codes available!


This is an overlooked step as most people are ranking for product name review keywords, while  product name coupon code is actually even better…Those are ready buyers.


To know if a product creator is offering a coupon code. You need to do this:


Go over to the sales page, scan to see if they are offering any coupon codes.  IF non are visible, next research step is as follows:


Click at the checkout and see if there is – under step 2 a coupon code option.



If there is, contact the vendor to get that code… Approaching most vendors is easy, as they have their details listed on JV page.


Step #4 – Prepare optimization


Next step is to optimize your videos.


1st think of keywords you want to rank for.  Buyer keywords are:

XYZ Product Name Review

Review of xyz product

xyz product coupon code

xyz product discount code.


Once you have your keyword selected, next step is to create a image using Canva.

Make it stand out such as this one:


Name your image the same as your product keywords.  Write a short description of the product.


Description should have:

In the 1st sentence, your keywords mentioned.  Call to action URL.  (don’t use direct affiliate linking, you are better off to cloack it with tiny url: (or something like that)


Brief description of the product.


Ask your subscribers to subscribe to your channel.


Tags, you should have as many tags in there, but start with those you initially want to rank for.


Go over to YOUtube… Search for your competitors video…The one that is ranking #1 – for example, xyz product review.


Save the youtube video URL as all and add it under your description at the bottom.   (will explain later why)


Step #5 – Rank your video in 10 min or less!


Now we are getting to a really good part… One know fact is that Google ranks their properties fast.   And they LOVE to rank live events.


So set up my live youtube events  using Live Event Blaster 2.0

It is a software that lets you quickly and without hassle rank #1 for keywords you selected.


Actually just to prove to you…I live streamed this video below 7 minutes ago, and it is already ranking on the page #1. As you can see, I am 4th result on the 1st page of google.  YES, in just 7 minutes!



Here is the full video on how it all works!

If you don’t own a copy – you can get one for 10% off.  Use IVANAVIP coupon code at the checkout!





Now, using all the steps above, you need to use Live Event Blaster 2 to actually get going with this ( – If you don’t own a copy – you can get one for 10% off.  Use IVANAVIP coupon code at the checkout!).  BUT, there is one more step, before you actually upload your video.


When your video is created… you need to right click on the video.  And click on the properties.



Once properties are created.


click on the Details tab.



Make sure you add in your keywords in Title, subtitle, give it 5 star rating and tags.   Click on the Apply!


Now, do all of this by adding description into Live Event Blaster 2.  These steps are essential to rank #1 on google.


Step #6 – Make sure they STICK!


It is actually normal for some rankings to drop after a while.  And that can make people really frustrated.  NOT to worry! We have a very simple solution for that.  🙂 Off page backlinks.


There are many pages you can get backlinks from…but the one I found the most affordable is site called


All you need to do is get some social backlinks and your rankings will in most cases stick for a long time.




1st why did we search for that extra URL from YouTube from competitor?  It gives you extra traffic by showing YOUR video in recommended videos section on the right hand side.


Now…how to make passive income from this…


Most people get stuck by creating one video.  So give yourself a challenge…Create 2 videos daily following these steps above, and you will see results for sure.


You can also offer this to offline business and charge them $97-$197/ ranked video.


If you feel this tutorial can help someone else, I would a appreciate it if you can share it further. 


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.


Talk soon 🙂



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EZ Passive Paydays Review – Get paid $10-180/ Lead – new UNTAPPED market

Today we are going to bring you something totally NEW and unique, selling leads and getting paid $10-180/ lead.  We are going cover  EZ passive Paydays review, course that shows you how to set it up and forget about it.


Few years back I was heavily involved in selling leads online…and boy, that is really NICE way to earn…Sometimes it even beats affiliate commission, but for deciding to change my business model, selling leads was not fitting in nicely with my plans… So I stopped and started to work on something different…  BOY do I wish I had EZ passive paydays at the time, as I probably would have reconsidered my decisions.  Because this course is SET and Forget.


Here is my full EZ Passive Paydays Review!



ez passive paydays review


Thanks so much for watching EZ passive paydays review.  Your bonuses promised on this page will be located inside of the Warrior plus members area… If for any reason you are unable to see those…make sure you comment below and I will get in touch with you.


As I said before, this is really unique and untapped market…

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Formula Won Commissions Review – Tap into Instagram Traffic for Commissions on Demand!

I am sure that by now you are aware that LIST building is a must… Over the past two months I’ve been dominating leaderboards and that is because I am sending buyer traffic and I have a list… In formula won commissions review, you are going to learn a very simple method to grow your list and instantly capitalize on it.


Course is set up in over the shoulder video settings. You are going to learn how to approach this business and how to setup everything and start driving traffic instantly.


It is fairly simple to set up, and Rodney really explains it very well and gives you ton of free tools you can use.


This traffic does not work only for JV zoo offers or warrior plus offers.  It will work in other niche markets as well.


Click here for inside look and my full formula won commissions review:










Again, thank you for watching Formula won commissions review.  Your bonuses will be located inside of the warrior plus members area.  If you cannot  access for any reason.  Get in touch with me.

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Targeting Academy Review | Coaching Level Facebook Masterclass

On daily basis I look at 3-5 products and there is nothing on the market such as Targeting Academy.  It is very comprehensive and here is my targeting academy review!


First, you are getting 50 over the shoulder videos showing you the EXACT steps they are using to generate massive sales.


These strategies work for physical as well as digital products.


These methods are responsible for over 437K in sales.


It does not include just FB ads, You are going to learn more on Twitter as well as youtube ads.



If I was to summarize it in one sentence.  YOU are getting COACHING type of an offer, at fraction of the price.  IT is super powerful!


Here is my video on Targeting Academy Review! Take a look



Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2

targeting academy review

Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2



targeting academy review

Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2




Thanks so much for watching this Targeting Academy review.  It really is super powerful and it will work for you no mater what business you are in.  To get the bonuses I’ve promised.  Make sure you search for a special link inside of JV zoo that says, special bonuses from ivana.

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Emperor de Affiliates Review – $1328.61/Daily From Affiliate Marketing

SEO is the traffic most people get frustrated with… And we can understand that because in most cases it takes a very long time to rank for certain keyword…But Amir found a way to skyrocket his rankings using some very underground SEO tactics.  That is why I’ve created Emperor de affiliates review as it is a product you really should have a copy of.


Emperor de Affiliates is the first COMPLETE affiliate marketing video & PDF training course that shows you the EXACT processes and methods and gives you the same tools and resources that the owner has been using to earn between $100-$1000+/day promoting digital products.


And yes…All of this with SEO Traffic!


Inside of the course you are going to get  a lot of real proof of ranking TOP 3 positions of Google’s search results and THE exact system that gives anyone an unfair advantage over the competition because it is different from what they are doing.and real strategies…


PDF is over 150 pages long and 21 videos.


I do suggest you go through PDF first than move onto the videos…it will make more sense to you that way.



You are going to get a lot of information on how to rank HIGH and even build authority sites… With authority sites it might take a bit longer to achieve results, BUT once you do, quickly you are going to start ranking FRESH pieces of content.


Here is the Video I’ve Recorded with full  Emperor de affiliates review.




Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!


Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!


Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!

emperor de affiliates review

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!emperor de affiliates review

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!emperor de affiliates review

Use coupon code : EDA2OFF to get $2 off!


Thank you for going through Emperor de affiliates review.  When you pick up a copy of it under my link.  You are going to be able to download this product from your JVzoo members area… Please search for the link – Special bonus from Ivana…That is where you can pick up your copy.

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Affiliate Funnel Clones Review – Bank $138/day While Growing Your List

I have to admit that one of hardest things for anyone starting out is growing their list and instantly turning that list into cash… As I often say… if there is a problem, there is a solution as well.  That is exactly what affiliate funnel clones is all about.


It gives you 5 PROVEN-TO-CONVERT all-inclusive campaigns for daily commissions & leads … traffic included!


Build your list while driving profits on 100% autopilot


No website, no list is needed to get started


100% beginner friendly – it does not get easier than this – with multiple scaling opportunities for even advanced marketers


Take a look at my complete affiliate funnel clones review:

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off



Here are the massive bonuses I’ve prepared for you:


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off


affiliate clones review bonus

Use coupon code:  Clone4 to get $4 off




All bonuses are available to you after you purchase through my link.  They will be located inside of the JVzoo members area.  Look for the text that says, Special Bonuses from Ivana.   And thank you so much for watching Affiliate Funnel Clones Review. Really appreciate it.


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Adsense Machine Review – 60 day challenge turned into 2.5K in passive income!

When I hear adsense…I think of 2008 and 2009 type of marketing… So when I looked at Adsense machine…I thought…NO way…That is so old school…HOWEVER… in my Adsense machine review… you will see that it is not!


It use to be that in order to make money from Adsense…YOU needed to rank high…and to rank HIGH, you needed to do SEO and many were doing spammy SEO – so Google decided to make a huge change to ranking algorithms and many were left without income…


However, earnings from Adsense are not gone… It is 10 times easier to set those up when you use social media, viral content and proper monetization.


A very good friend of mine Ankur was given 60 day challenge to turn brand new site into passive income with adsense.  And he managed to do so with very simple method. Combining Viral content and FB ads.


He teaches you all inside of the adsense machine!


The product is laid out in 84 pages PDF.  But it gives you all the necessary details that you need!


#1 – you will learn how to set up your passive income machine correctly

#2 – how to get viral content for your site

#3 – monetize it correctly with adsense

#4 – how to drive traffic and scale up your campaigns.


Please keep in mind, you actually don’t need a budget to get started with this… I’ve included one traffic hack that can drive you ton of free traffic.  😉 Of course… using his strategy will help you scale things up.


Here is My full Video on Adsense Machine Review










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30 min. of work into $91.07 – Here is the scoop!

This morning I woke up to additional $91.07 in my PayPal account from affiliate commissions.  Considering that it took me just 30 min yesterday to generate it…that is really NICE! Right?  This commission is from a product called Mobilee!



Total from this campaign in the last 2 days is at $202.05



Now you are wondering…How is this possible? Right?


Let me explain!


When it comes to online marketing YOU need to understand there is NO magic bullet.  Actually it takes some effort or if you don’t want to put in an effort, you need to pay people who will. For most newcomers, they prefer and can afford to put in an effort.


So here is the effort I put in for this campaign.


Total work hours are at 5 currently so that makes me earn about $40 per hour


Here are the steps I took to make it work!


Step #1 – review the product – around 30 min.


Step #2 – create just the right bonuses to go along with this strategy – 1 hour of of work.


Step #3 – create graphics for bonuses and pre-selling page for my promotion with video – around 1 hour of work.


Step #4 – create special teaser message with image on my FB wall and in few groups I manage – around 30 min of work as I’ve explained inside of Viral FB commissions.


Step #5 – Wrote set of 8 e-mails to go out. Scheduled my notification broadcast and sent messages (followed up with people) to my FB teaser message for people who were interested in it. Which amounted to 2 hours of work!


Just to show how my teaser message looked like:



Now, keep in mind, that does not include any other product promotion or my own product sales, this is just from Mobilee.


Why was this campaign a success?


There are multiple reasons for it.


#1 – I really liked the product and felt good about recommending it.


#2 – Pre-selling it helped a great deal to turn visitors into buyers.


#3 – Custom bonuses helped pushed interested people into buyers!


#4 – I drove traffic from 3 sources which boosted my sales.


And to end this little tutorial…


The problem with MOST people coming into Internet Marketing world is this.  They don’t have a guide on what they need to do… If you just follow what I explained inside of this little tutorial, YOU are going to make sales 100% sure thing…


BUT yes, you do need to get going with building that list and following.


It is 10x easier to sell to someone who knows you and trust you…than it is to sell to someone who is coming to your site for the first time.


And to end this post… Last year I’ve pulled in $134,280.41 in revenue which means…I run 6 figure business. And if you want to see how I do all of this. Sign up for a free version of my blueprint right here!


Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you liked this post, I would appreciate it if you can share it or comment on it right below. Thanks 😉






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Mobilee Review – No Website, NO Computer Needed Plus my EXCLUSIVE bonuses!

It is not every day I am surprised…It really is not… So when I looked at Mobilee and saw that you really CAN run an online business even if you don’t have a website OR computer…I was shocked and totally excited to share this with you inside of my mobilee review.


What is Mobilee?


Full blown course that shows you how to get DAILY commissions from platforms such as JVzoo or warrior plus even if you don’t have a computer or a website.


How many hours do you need to make it work?


In just 1-2 hours per day, you can make this work – 100% sure thing!


Is this for newbies ONLY?

Course is designed for a total newbie to break into the industry, however, even if you are a veteran at IM – I assure you, you will learn a TON of new stuff in this course.


Are there ANY Upsells?


Yes, here is what you get!


Oto #1 – A set of ready to go, DFY packages to push your promotions over the edge and dominate the leaderboards. priced at $27


Oto #2 – Advanced training in will learn how to explode their MOBILEE commissions by harnessing the power of YouTube ads – priced at $27


OTO 3 – Licence Rights for the entire MOBILEE funnel.  You gets 100% commission throughout, giving you a “business in a box” solution. – priced at $47


OTO 4 – LIVE COACHING CALLS – Your will join Trevor, Jono and Jonas on 3 weeks of live VIP coaching webinars, during which they will show you how to maximise your MOBILEE campaigns and take your income to the next level. – priced at $97


Let me show you inside and watch my full mobilee review!




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