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Traffic XTractor 2.0 Review – Page 1 of Google & YouTube in Minutes!

Today we are bringing you a really cool software that can help you rank INSTANTLY!


SUPER powerful tool.


Traffic Xtractor 2.0 software to find keywords that they can rank for on Page 1 of both Google and YouTube easily without any backlinks and start generating traffic instantly.


It comes with a full Real Life Case Study! VERY simple to use!


Take a look at my review!



Click Here to Watch FULL Demo and Download My Bonuses!


Please keep in mind, my bonuses will be available in JVzoo members area with a name next to it.  Special Bonus From Ivana.

Thanks have a great day!

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[Tutorial] How to Drive Traffic To Your Optin Pages For FREE or VERY Cheap!

Today we are going to cover a new traffic source that I’ve tested personally and like it.  The best part, it is targeted traffic can be used as FREE or Paid – But very cheap… I paid for advertising $25 dollars for a whole month, and on the first day I had 8 new subscribers.


That being said… What is the traffic source?  –  it is a Web Master Sun Forum!


It is setup similarly to Warrior Forum, but from what I have seen, not as saturated and VERY FRIENDLY!


How to drive FREE traffic from it!


Once you join this webmaster forum, you will see that they have many different sections for you to get involved in.


First, you can post daily to member questions… Be as detailed as you can, and after 20 posts, you can add in your signature.


There are 16 categories to choose from.


Just to name a few:


Social Media

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Web Development etc…


Here is the image for the illustration purposes!




If you spend just 20-30 min per day responding to some posted questions, you will shortly have people subscribing to your list.


Paid Method


Section #1 – Special Offers Section

There is a special offers Section.  It costs you $8 per post – maximum 10 threads allowed in this part of the forum.



Some of these threads are getting 300 to 5000 views – definitely CHEAP advertising!


Banner Advertising!


Second option that they have is to place banner ads.  Multiple options there and by clicking advertise with us (at the top) you can see all the prices.


Since it starts at $25/30 days – it really is cheap… As soon as I posted mine, the very first day, I generated 8 new subscribers… and 2 new leads for one service that I offer (through Private Message).  Now that is NOT bad at all!


And to sum things up…


Maybe this forum is not yet as big as Warrior Forum.  There is no doubt about that… HOWEVER!  Forum marketing is still a powerful way to drive targeted traffic to your site.


And even if you don’t have time to respond to threads… their advertising is very CHEAP!


If you like this post, feel free to share it with others who can benefit from it!


All the best

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Traffic Zion Review – REAL traffic for your site!

Whooohooo…I had a pleasure to test out TrafficZion software and I am impressed. In my opinion…this beats any Traffic and List Building method out there…


You see…after my 1 day test, I’ve seen the immediate results.


1st, people started following my blog.


Second, they started contacting me through my social media connections…


Not to mention that I’ve started seeing new subscribers on my list… 🙂


And here is how it works…


Software goes out and likes, other people blogs…in return, those people follow YOUR blog.


And what is actually the best…


For all the followers you have, as soon as you post something new on your site…those people get that post inside of their inbox.


THAT is super powerful.


And the best part…all you really need to do is remember to switch on that software when you turn on your computer.


Watch the video to see my full review!

Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


Also, real users are getting results – take a look at this:


As I’ve said before..


This software really works. And it work for ANY site, not just WP Blogs.


More you use it, more results you will get.. And all it really requires is for you to switch it on daily and enjoy MORE and MORE visitors EVERY single time!


Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


You know how I am… I don’t recommend PUSH button stuff. So I don’t want you to think Traffic Zion is like that, BUT it is as close to it as possible.


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Viral List Building – New Technology!

Hey there…Ivana here and as I write this…I am about to head out for a walk… awesome sunny day today… But…before I do that…I just testing a BRAND NEW technology that builds you super powerful list and sales. All with viral traffic!


And since I know the creator of the software…It cost around 50K to develop this software…


This is out of the box – power tool!


Take a look at it right here!


And the way it works is like this:


1. You use built in viral research tool to find viral content

2. Add your call to action to it.

3. Share on Social Media platforms!


Watch as traffic comes in.


See the full demo and review right at the video below!



Click Here to Download it now!



P.s. I know I have not been creating many reviews lately, and it was so much pleasure to do this one!

In addition to it, here are the bonuses I’ve packed for you!

Bonus #1 – How to Drive 50k/Month Free Visitors Using Viral Content

Bonus #2 – 3 Traffic Methods I use to Pull in 1000’s per week

Bonus #3 – Pop Over Pro – Delivers Easy, Customizable, Smart and Responsive Popovers!

Bonus #4 – My Blueprint 42K in 30 Days

Bonus #5 – Closed Door Mastermind group – Real IM Strategies that Work!

Bonus #6 – Fastest Growth Through FB Retargeting!

Bonus #7 – Boost Profits by 10x

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