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Blooom Review – Build an Authority Site with Ease – Power tool!

Today we are reviewing a really cool tool called BLOOOM.  I know an interesting name and very creative. So… Here is what is so special about it :).


We all know that content is KING, but coming up with new content is NOT easy… Actually… It is very time consuming….


So what can you do?  You can either outsource the content – which cost a LOT, or you can use BLOOOM to make things easier.


Now…what the software does, it pulls content of YouTube and JUST before you say…WAIT, that has been done before…NO, this has not…It pulls content from Youtube Videos – actual video text  – not the description.


And that is EXACTLY what makes it SUPER hot!


There are 3 Steps to it:


Step 1

The BLOOOM Extracts unique content from within any YouTube video (containing speech). So if a video has text in it…it will extract it. And it’s nearly always unique as Google don’t index it… This means you can produce almost instant unique posts in minutes…Extraction includes thumbnail and all ranking tags. From initial extraction to publish takes 60 seconds to 20 minutes depending on how much editing you choose to do.


Step 2

Insert Ad Script to increase revenue… Script doubles ad space for increased revenue (Script Included). Then insert Ad code in specific locations. Profit passively as you build your authority…


Step 3

$5 Traffic (optional) Supercharge each post with huge amounts of dirt cheap traffic to maximise revenue.
This method will generate traffic and income almost instantly. Apply the traffic method and you should start to see daily profit within 24 hours or less.


Here is the full review!


Click Here to Watch FULL Demo and Get My Bonuses!


It’s very fast and it works a treat. The content it extracts is nearly always unique. Yes you will have to chop it into paragraphs and do a little editing but seriously – this is SUPER good.



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Traffic XTractor 2.0 Review – Page 1 of Google & YouTube in Minutes!

Today we are bringing you a really cool software that can help you rank INSTANTLY!


SUPER powerful tool.


Traffic Xtractor 2.0 software to find keywords that they can rank for on Page 1 of both Google and YouTube easily without any backlinks and start generating traffic instantly.


It comes with a full Real Life Case Study! VERY simple to use!


Take a look at my review!



Click Here to Watch FULL Demo and Download My Bonuses!


Please keep in mind, my bonuses will be available in JVzoo members area with a name next to it.  Special Bonus From Ivana.

Thanks have a great day!

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Google Cash Cow Review – Sell This and Generate $197/month (or more) per client

Thanks for stopping by today… Listen, I just had an opportunity to review Google Cash Cow and I have to say… WOW!  What a clever way to sell this monthly and generate $197/ month OR more per client.


Let me explain how it works.


Most businesses online have a very poor rating.  2 star or 3 star rating. So when a potential customer searches for their service…and sees such a poor rating… They lose that customer!


So what Google Cash Cow teaches you how to sell 5-10 5 star rating reviews and charge those clients $197-500/ month for.


The entire service can be outsourced and they provide you with the outsource contact details.



Watch this video to see my full review!



Click Here to Get Your Copy and My Bonuses!


Just in the case you missed it out in the video.


I am giving you 2 powerful bonuses to go with it.


Bonus #1 – 11 ways to get offline clients without cold calling!


Bonus #2 – 8 videos on how to close HIGH ticket clients


Click Here to Get Your Copy and My Bonuses!


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Discount Pop Review – Boosts Your Ecommerce Affiliate Sites and Skyrocket Your Profit

New tool just came out…Called Discount Pop and here is my review on it.  Who is this for? If you are running an eCommerce store… Such as affiliate site… This is a really great plugin that can easily engage your visitors and make them purchase a lot more 🙂


So what is Discount Pop all about?


It is a new WP plugin that allows you to create engaging popup banners that you can embed on your ecommerce affiliate websites.


Each popup banner enables your website visitors to search for products from multiple affiliate sites and display the results with the best discount offer right on the banner itself. THAT is the power of it.


There are 4 Major affiliate websites that it can tap into… These are:  Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart.


So once they perform the search…They are presented with the most discounted deal they can find among those 4 websites. And you know how people are…If they see a good deal…they will snap it.

Please note, front end works with Amazon only. Oto 1 will get you integrations with AliExpress, and Walmart.


Super Powerful – Watch This Video For a Full Demo!



Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!


I hope you see the power of this plugin.

and to make the deal even sweeter.

I’ve prepared 5 special bonuses for you:


Bonuses for Discount Pop



This WordPress plugin enables you to put banner ads over your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted, and more) by using shortcode. This is compatible with all themes.


Viddo POP

Impress and Engage your Followers MORE than ever by using interactive videos and Call to Action to Grab Leds and Increase Sales!


Tube Blog WP Plugin.

TubeBlog is a wordpress plugin which will curate Youtube playlists according to keyword search and publish all videos as a post. Easily build your own video website by using other people’s contents legally and for free. TubeBlog allows you to choose any type of video from trending to most viewed items from YouTube.


Instagram Traffic


Powerful method to drive traffic from Instagram for eCommerce.

LinkedIn Traffic Strategies


Powerful training that show you how to use LinkedIn to that Drive REAL traffic an leads to your site.


Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!



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Traffic Zion Review – REAL traffic for your site!

Whooohooo…I had a pleasure to test out TrafficZion software and I am impressed. In my opinion…this beats any Traffic and List Building method out there…


You see…after my 1 day test, I’ve seen the immediate results.


1st, people started following my blog.


Second, they started contacting me through my social media connections…


Not to mention that I’ve started seeing new subscribers on my list… 🙂


And here is how it works…


Software goes out and likes, other people blogs…in return, those people follow YOUR blog.


And what is actually the best…


For all the followers you have, as soon as you post something new on your site…those people get that post inside of their inbox.


THAT is super powerful.


And the best part…all you really need to do is remember to switch on that software when you turn on your computer.


Watch the video to see my full review!

Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


Also, real users are getting results – take a look at this:


As I’ve said before..


This software really works. And it work for ANY site, not just WP Blogs.


More you use it, more results you will get.. And all it really requires is for you to switch it on daily and enjoy MORE and MORE visitors EVERY single time!


Click Here to Watch The Full Demo and Get My Bonuses!


You know how I am… I don’t recommend PUSH button stuff. So I don’t want you to think Traffic Zion is like that, BUT it is as close to it as possible.


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WP Blazer Review -All in One WP Management Software

O.K. Let me ask you…HOW many WP sites do you have?  Many right?  Event though, we need just 1 or 2 to have a successful business, many of us will end up building multiple sites. YES, I am guilty of it too…


To make the matter worse, it is a real pain in the …YOU KNOW WHAT… to manage it all 🙂 don’t you agree?


Of course you do…


So what is the solution?


WP Blazer…


Check out my review


Please make sure you use this coupon code to get $3 off – EVIP3



Click Here to Download it Now!


It takes only 4 steps to make it happen:

Step 1: Login to our cloud platform.
Step 2: Add your WP sites and logins.
Step 3: Manage them with easy to use dashboard.
Updates, add plugins, themes or edit whatever your heart desires.
Step 4: Setup auto scheduled backups so you never have to stress about your sites being hacked or getting taken down

Click Here to Download it Now!


Make sure you search for Ivana’s Special Bonus to Get bonuses mentioned above.

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How to Build a Recurring Membership Site – New Business Direction

It is not just that new year just started…Back in 2017, I was actually very unhappy with the direction my business went into…instead…I wanted to build something better and bigger.


Something that will really change lives of people and that is why, I’ve been considering going into recurring business model, offering 1 on 1 coaching and building additional income stream from eCommerce.


I actually enjoy building businesses… And out of all business model’s I’ve been in, the recurring monthly is the best one.


So having said this, Kam is showing you a very simple model he is using to build multiple 1K/ mo income streams mainly using free traffic.




Over 3 hours of training is delivered… Including technical aspect of it.


Click here to download right now. 


Inside of the membership, you will also see my bonuses.


See you on the inside!

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Raiken Review – Totally New and Fresh Way to Do eBay Arbitrage

Well, it is just a little after Christmas and I am back from my trip… and a bit tired from driving, yet happy to have spent amazing 4 days with my family…


And as I am mentally refreshed… I am happy to present to you a product called Raiken… I just reviewed it and it is totally new method and refreshing for sure.


Watch This video to see all the details.



Click here to get your copy



Once you get your copy, you bonuses will be in warrior plus members area.


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How to Double or Triple Your Open Rate


Over the years I’ve tried MANY different e-mail auto responders…BUT I’ve never seen such a great results…Until I took this for the test run. 


All I can say is – This is by far the MOST powerful one-time price email marketing solution I’ve seen.


Watch this video to see exactly what I mean. 

How to Double or Triple Your Open Rate



Click Here to Download Your Copy!


Please note, the only other cost associated with this is SMTP server for the mailout, and they show you how to setup your own for just $5.


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