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Popcorn Effect – Today I’ve made $97.50 WITHOUT doing Anything!


You see, one of my goals for this year is turn 150 Internet Marketers into a success story.  So…over the past 2 day’s I’ve been working on the actual blueprint that is going to make that happen. And when I am in the creation mode…I really don’t have the creativity to write to my subscribers, to review products, or mail for any offers.


BUT that does not mean money stops for me.


NOPE… Today I’ve actually made $97.50 and the day is not over yet!




So you are probably wondering…How is that possible?


It is about setting up the right following sequence inside of your e-mail autoresponder.


1st step – Focus your list building on buyer traffic!

2nd step – Connect with your subscribers by combination of tutorials + being REAL with them.

3rd step – Remind your subscribers in the proper follow up sequence of the product you recommended.


Seriously…That is it!


The reason I was able to make that money today is because I have the automation in place…


BUT here is what is going to happen now…You may read this… and you are going to say…Great Ivana…you are right…it is simple… I am going to do it…


The next day… you will see some shiny object inside your inbox.


You are going to purchase that… Most likely, you will never take action… and move onto the next product… and one day… you will just give up… You will say…Internet Marketing does not work…


So the 150 I am looking for will STOP buying every shiny object that comes out…


And instead…


They will implement strategies I use in my own business… Strategies that I will reveal to you soon…


Stay tuned 😉



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Raiken Review – Totally New and Fresh Way to Do eBay Arbitrage

Well, it is just a little after Christmas and I am back from my trip… and a bit tired from driving, yet happy to have spent amazing 4 days with my family…


And as I am mentally refreshed… I am happy to present to you a product called Raiken… I just reviewed it and it is totally new method and refreshing for sure.


Watch This video to see all the details.



Click here to get your copy



Once you get your copy, you bonuses will be in warrior plus members area.


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Bitcoin and all the craziness… My two cents :)


GUSH…have you been watching news, or your FB newsfeed…everywhere you turn…there is a mention of Bicoin…people are excited…some don’t believe into it and so forth…Yesterday it was selling at 12K, today it is below 10K….


My thought is this… And I am no expert…but reality is… we are already using digital money in a way to buy online… Everything is done with CC, we use online banking to pay for stuff… and even paypal’s e-mail to send over m.o.n.e.y to order stuff…


So my thought is…eventually, the whole world will be using digital currency…It kind of makes sense to me to be that way…again…I am not an expert..just my two cents… 🙂


SO… many feel bad cause they missed out on it… I mean…I wish someone told me about it when it was all starting out… 🙂 BUT the thing is…


It is really not too late..don’t feel bad about it…


Recently I shared with you where you can find 17 ways to cash in with Bitcoin…and ANYONE can get into it…


I purchased my own too… Wanted to know how you actually get this currency…


But…one thing that is very important to mention is…When I was doing research…people started to talk me into so many things… and I was getting pulled into some shady stuff..


Be aware of scammers…Don’t fall for schemes. MLM, Pyramid and other things…


Again…just my 2 cents 😉


All the best,



p.s. this is not an advice…just my thoughts on it 😉

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