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Popcorn Effect – Today I’ve made $97.50 WITHOUT doing Anything!


You see, one of my goals for this year is turn 150 Internet Marketers into a success story.  So…over the past 2 day’s I’ve been working on the actual blueprint that is going to make that happen. And when I am in the creation mode…I really don’t have the creativity to write to my subscribers, to review products, or mail for any offers.


BUT that does not mean money stops for me.


NOPE… Today I’ve actually made $97.50 and the day is not over yet!




So you are probably wondering…How is that possible?


It is about setting up the right following sequence inside of your e-mail autoresponder.


1st step – Focus your list building on buyer traffic!

2nd step – Connect with your subscribers by combination of tutorials + being REAL with them.

3rd step – Remind your subscribers in the proper follow up sequence of the product you recommended.


Seriously…That is it!


The reason I was able to make that money today is because I have the automation in place…


BUT here is what is going to happen now…You may read this… and you are going to say…Great Ivana…you are right…it is simple… I am going to do it…


The next day… you will see some shiny object inside your inbox.


You are going to purchase that… Most likely, you will never take action… and move onto the next product… and one day… you will just give up… You will say…Internet Marketing does not work…


So the 150 I am looking for will STOP buying every shiny object that comes out…


And instead…


They will implement strategies I use in my own business… Strategies that I will reveal to you soon…


Stay tuned 😉



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[Tutorial] How to Drive Traffic To Your Optin Pages For FREE or VERY Cheap!

Today we are going to cover a new traffic source that I’ve tested personally and like it.  The best part, it is targeted traffic can be used as FREE or Paid – But very cheap… I paid for advertising $25 dollars for a whole month, and on the first day I had 8 new subscribers.


That being said… What is the traffic source?  –  it is a Web Master Sun Forum!


It is setup similarly to Warrior Forum, but from what I have seen, not as saturated and VERY FRIENDLY!


How to drive FREE traffic from it!


Once you join this webmaster forum, you will see that they have many different sections for you to get involved in.


First, you can post daily to member questions… Be as detailed as you can, and after 20 posts, you can add in your signature.


There are 16 categories to choose from.


Just to name a few:


Social Media

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Web Development etc…


Here is the image for the illustration purposes!




If you spend just 20-30 min per day responding to some posted questions, you will shortly have people subscribing to your list.


Paid Method


Section #1 – Special Offers Section

There is a special offers Section.  It costs you $8 per post – maximum 10 threads allowed in this part of the forum.



Some of these threads are getting 300 to 5000 views – definitely CHEAP advertising!


Banner Advertising!


Second option that they have is to place banner ads.  Multiple options there and by clicking advertise with us (at the top) you can see all the prices.


Since it starts at $25/30 days – it really is cheap… As soon as I posted mine, the very first day, I generated 8 new subscribers… and 2 new leads for one service that I offer (through Private Message).  Now that is NOT bad at all!


And to sum things up…


Maybe this forum is not yet as big as Warrior Forum.  There is no doubt about that… HOWEVER!  Forum marketing is still a powerful way to drive targeted traffic to your site.


And even if you don’t have time to respond to threads… their advertising is very CHEAP!


If you like this post, feel free to share it with others who can benefit from it!


All the best

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How to Double or Triple Your Open Rate


Over the years I’ve tried MANY different e-mail auto responders…BUT I’ve never seen such a great results…Until I took this for the test run. 


All I can say is – This is by far the MOST powerful one-time price email marketing solution I’ve seen.


Watch this video to see exactly what I mean. 

How to Double or Triple Your Open Rate



Click Here to Download Your Copy!


Please note, the only other cost associated with this is SMTP server for the mailout, and they show you how to setup your own for just $5.


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Viral LIST Building Method – Hands free!

36 New Leads - 18 generated viraly!


Hey there…Ivana here…and you know…I love to test things out before I recommend something to my customers…


Having said this.. Recently a friend of my Bryan started sending me free leads 🙂 So far 18 free came in, and 36 generated as you can see from the image below.  And you are probably going to wonder…HOW the heck is he able to do that…


Well, there is a really cool way he does it… Let me explain…


You see… we all build up a list right… and after lead gets added… it is sent to the funnel…


With his system… When a lead is added…it is presented with a second optin…


The second optin are leads that are distributed among other members…


In my case…I’ve generated 36 leads but 18 which is HALF was referred to my squeeze page and lead was added to my follow up series!


So all I have to do now, is keep on sending leads to my original form…and I will keep on generating more viral leads.


The best part about his system is…That it is FREE to join!


Click here to do so now!


I’ve tried it…and it works… There is no reason it would not work for you too.


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Proven Way to Get 50% to 75% Optin Conversion Rate

We all know that we need traffic, optin page, and sales funnel in place… Having said this.. How the heck can you get 50-75% conversion rate from the start?  Very simple really and I will share my examples below!


YOUR add (banner or text) need to have very similar text to whatever campaign you are running. Be it paid or free.


If you take a look at this example below:



The banner is created so it  leads to my optin page that looks like this!



You see… visitor is already pre-sold on the banner, it is so easy for them to click through to add in their name and e-mail.

Here is another example:



It again leads to a very similar page, so again…most people are already pre-sold on what my offer is so they can easily add in their e-mail and address.



If you are getting leads from Facebook, you can do the same thing.


This one right here:


Was going to this page below with.  66% conversion rate!



ou see… when visitors are presold on what you are offering to them…They are more likely to convert into a lead than if your banner or text ad misrepresents itself.


Remember, once a visitor is gone, it is very hard to get him/her back.


So setup your pages using proven examples above…Stay tuned for more good stuff 😉

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Cool New Way To Generate MORE leads from your website!

I love to test out new software’s and use them on adding them to my arsenal of tools that help generate more leads in my business.  So I’ve tested OptinChat recently and received amazing results!


It took me less than 5 minutes and I’ve generated 40+ leads from it.


Keep in mind, those leads would have left my site otherwise…


Why did it work so well?  Cause OptinChat is very interactive piece of software that make it look like YOU are live there chatting with your visitors… And that LIVE factor, gets people excited and eager to give you their e-mail address!


Watch this video below to see my exact results and how it all works!


As this is a software I’ve personally tested, and saw results…I can strongly recommend it to you.. So if you would like to start converting MORE of your visitors into leads and sales…Click this button below to download your copy!



As you’ve noticed.  I personally use this software, and have GREAT results with it. YOU can too! All you have to do is spend few minutes to upgrade. 



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