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Targeting Academy Review | Coaching Level Facebook Masterclass

On daily basis I look at 3-5 products and there is nothing on the market such as Targeting Academy.  It is very comprehensive and here is my targeting academy review!


First, you are getting 50 over the shoulder videos showing you the EXACT steps they are using to generate massive sales.


These strategies work for physical as well as digital products.


These methods are responsible for over 437K in sales.


It does not include just FB ads, You are going to learn more on Twitter as well as youtube ads.



If I was to summarize it in one sentence.  YOU are getting COACHING type of an offer, at fraction of the price.  IT is super powerful!


Here is my video on Targeting Academy Review! Take a look



Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2

targeting academy review

Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2



targeting academy review

Current Coupon Code is: TA5off

 Apply under step #2




Thanks so much for watching this Targeting Academy review.  It really is super powerful and it will work for you no mater what business you are in.  To get the bonuses I’ve promised.  Make sure you search for a special link inside of JV zoo that says, special bonuses from ivana.

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Discount Pop Review – Boosts Your Ecommerce Affiliate Sites and Skyrocket Your Profit

New tool just came out…Called Discount Pop and here is my review on it.  Who is this for? If you are running an eCommerce store… Such as affiliate site… This is a really great plugin that can easily engage your visitors and make them purchase a lot more 🙂


So what is Discount Pop all about?


It is a new WP plugin that allows you to create engaging popup banners that you can embed on your ecommerce affiliate websites.


Each popup banner enables your website visitors to search for products from multiple affiliate sites and display the results with the best discount offer right on the banner itself. THAT is the power of it.


There are 4 Major affiliate websites that it can tap into… These are:  Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart.


So once they perform the search…They are presented with the most discounted deal they can find among those 4 websites. And you know how people are…If they see a good deal…they will snap it.

Please note, front end works with Amazon only. Oto 1 will get you integrations with AliExpress, and Walmart.


Super Powerful – Watch This Video For a Full Demo!



Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!


I hope you see the power of this plugin.

and to make the deal even sweeter.

I’ve prepared 5 special bonuses for you:


Bonuses for Discount Pop



This WordPress plugin enables you to put banner ads over your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted, and more) by using shortcode. This is compatible with all themes.


Viddo POP

Impress and Engage your Followers MORE than ever by using interactive videos and Call to Action to Grab Leds and Increase Sales!


Tube Blog WP Plugin.

TubeBlog is a wordpress plugin which will curate Youtube playlists according to keyword search and publish all videos as a post. Easily build your own video website by using other people’s contents legally and for free. TubeBlog allows you to choose any type of video from trending to most viewed items from YouTube.


Instagram Traffic


Powerful method to drive traffic from Instagram for eCommerce.

LinkedIn Traffic Strategies


Powerful training that show you how to use LinkedIn to that Drive REAL traffic an leads to your site.


Follow This Link to Download Your Copy and Bonuses!



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